Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Lucario Yiff Pics

here are some amazing Lucario Yiff Pics!

My Furry Profile

Your furry side of you.
If could be any anthro-animal, what would you be?Wolf/Fox
Male or Female?Both
Weight?8 stone
How long would you want your tail?2-3 foot
Would you be an ass-hole, a nice furry, an emo furry, goth, or make your own.A Nice Furry
Paws or human hands? (Furry of course)Paws
Claws or no?Claws
Gay, Bi, or Straight?Bi
Would you be, weird, normal, disturbed or make your own.Normal
How tall would you want your ears?5 inch
What would you look like? (as far as colours and stuff)Blue, Black
If you're a guy, How long would you want your penis?9 inches
If you're a chick, How big would you want your breats?DD
Musician, pro gamer, computer geek, music freak, lazy dude at home, or make you own.Computer Geek
What colour eyes would you have?Blue
What would you want in a guy/chick?Big Penis
Would you want hair, and if so what colour would it be?No
And how long would your hair be?N/A
How old you be?20
Would you go around humping other peoples legs?Yes
Would you be happy if you woke to find yourself as the animal you wanted to be?YEAH!
And to celebrate it, what would you do?Shout and Howl
Would you wear clothes? XPOccasionally
What style, if you did? :PDepends
How big would you want your butt to be?Tight XD
Would you want human feet, or like animal feet?Animal Feet
For the foxes out there, would you have a nice tail, or a bushy one? and would you it all moosed up or not?Nice Tail
And for the wolves, and dogs, would you have nice tails or freaky tails?and would you it all moosed up or not?Nice Tail